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Reframing the windows of our world — one soul, one organization, one city at a time.

We are digital storytellers who like to color outside the lines, yet Christian through-and-through with a bit of a BIG BOLD edge! From conception to conclusion, we create stories to connect you to your community. Throughout it all, we can capture your vision and help you reframe the windows of our world. 

Your success is our priority! Let’s chat about that by connecting you to your community for Jesus Christ!

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Every story has a beginning, even ours!

We’re a creative, Christian design agency from “Holy Toledo,” birthed in-sorts from a church start-up that just wasn’t ready to launch. Our founder started Reframe Church with the desire to use technology to reach the unchurched. Through it all, he learned the arts of video production and photography, and later merged these with his digital design skills. In time, and with a big nudge from God, he quit his job to form Reframe Creative. His heart is in ministry, and he truly believes that your success is our priority! Although not currently serving in the pulpit, Jason helps other ministries tell their stories to reach their communities for Christ!


Jason Bonnicksen

Inside, I’m a big kid at heart. I’m a geek and total nerd, and well… you have know that before you know anything else. (Humor is a good thing, don’t ya think?) Seriously though, years ago, God did a number on my heart and forever changed me, not only in life, but also for my ministry. And it all led to this.

Besides my desire to serve God with my whole life, my wife and daughters are my inspiration. I know every parent says this, but my kids are amazing! They are all strong Christian women. Brilliant. Determined. Passionate. (Just like their mama). And… they are also all grown-up. (I feel SO old). Our oldest is an officer in the U.S. Navy. Our middle girl is a language nerd (Korean and German) at Miami of Ohio (the original public ivy), and our youngest is studying interior design at the University of Cincinnati

Before starting Reframe Creative, I served as a Lutheran pastor. (I’m still ordained actually). I also led the local Toledo office for a national sales organization (as a manager and sales leader myself). Through it all, I’ve been a husband, dad, band-geek, musician, creative-type, sea-faring Navy swabee, and follower of Christ who just loves life, the universe, and everything in it. Besides being given this honor by God to start this agency, I also adore photography—portrait, landscape, dog photography…. you name it. Here’s my photog site. Check it out for fun!

Your Success is Our Priority

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