What’s Impossible

Marblehead Lighthouse Sunrise

Does life ever seem insurmountable? What’s ahead seems too big, or the problem you’re facing seems impossible to beat?  I think at some point in all our lives, we face obstacles that seem impossible to overcome, The waves keep coming and crash over us with little chance to catch our breath.

But the God who formed our beautiful planet acknowledged that yah, humanly speaking, lots of things seem impossible to us. But with God, all things are things are possible. (If he can turn around a former mess like me, anything is possible!)

You started a business. What seemed impossible at one time became the possible, and now you’re making a difference. Your child battled insurmountable health issues—crisis after crisis. You didn’t know how you would make it from one day to the next. But you did; you both overcame, and now you’re lives inspire others.

Impossible isn’t impossible! Contained within the very word itself is this phrase, “I AM POSSIBLE.”

You are possible. Restarting that venture is possible! Re-flaming that old passion is possible! Overcoming that financial crisis— possible! Beating your health scare is possible! Ranking up—possible. Doing what you’ve never done before and moving that mountain—possible! If you’ve never heard this before, then hear it now! YOU ARE POSSIBLE! Nothing is impossible when you put your heart and mind to it!

Makes waves and crash over the hard things of life. You’ll realize that what’s seemed impossible before is more than possible because you were created to make a waves! Crash over the hard things; you might just change the world in the process.


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