Reframing Our World with You


Reframe Creative is your go to agency for faith-based website design in Toledo.  We listen first, then create a site that not only looks stunning, but also drives traffic.

From Concept to Screen

Ears to Hear

Good website design starts with listening. It sounds cliche, but that's our approach! We listen first, design second.

Research & Sitemapping

After listening, good design begins the old-fashioned way, with paper-and-pen and mapping out your website, with story and content.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You want your website be found in a local Google search (like "Website designers in Toledo" for example). We are going to help your site get organically noticed in your region so that your website is indexed and ranked as high as possible.

Design & Coding

For us, this is really the fun part. Like a painter with a brush, we are going to give your website a unique design that tells your story as the audience would want to see it.

Mobile Friendly

More-and-more people these days are using their smartphones in lieu of a computer.  It's important that your site is mobile-friendly and responsive—designed for all devices. We are going to ensure your site looks and functions across all platforms.

Delivery & Training

Alas, your website is ready for delivery. We will make your site live, train you how to make updates and even maintain your site to keep it running smooth.

Our Latest Work

Check-out some of our latest work and what they’ve had to say! Then give us a call!

Check This Out!

But There's More!

We are digital storytellers and creatives that do so much more than make stunning websites. We started as a video production company. Take a glance.

Portrait & Commercial Photography

About the same time we began creating video content for Youtube and a church start-up, we started photographing the athletes, artists and performers in the Marching Arts. When we're not working, we're often found with our cameras out-and-about in the 419 taking pictures, especially of the Marching Arts. Check it out!

Video Production

Video is our thing! Check out some of our work and give us a call to talk about your dream to put your vision into motion.