Reframing Our World with You


Reframe Creative is your go to agency for video production services in Ohio. From Pre-Production to Post and everything in between, we will create an experience to engage your audience and highlight your organization.


Concept Development

  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Budgeting

Project Management

  • Location Scouting
  • Consulting

Creative Production

Shoot day has arrived. This where we really go to work and put an eye to your vision and capture you in the moment. We’ll incorporate professional lighting, audio and multiple cameras to film interview footage, live footage, and B-Roll.


Background footage to add emotion and enhance the story you want to tell

Day Shoots

Single Camera, Multiple Camera, Professional lighting, & audio--capturing your footage to tell your story

Post-Production Editing

Timeline Integration

Creating the video timeline, importing assets and selecting clip compilation

Sound Design

Selecting & licensing music and score tracks to enhance your content

Motion & Still Graphic Overlay

Creating motion graphics to add textual dimension to your video

Color Grading

Color grading to add consistent styling across multiple assets & clips


Incorporating narration and voice-over as needed.

Optimization & Delivery

Rendering, exporting and optimizing your video(s) to work across multiple media platforms

But There's More!

We are digital storytellers and creatives that do so much more than video. While video is at the heart of what we do, we are also becoming known for our photography and web design services (just like this site).

Ya know, life goes "to eleven." So let's help you turn it up a notch!

Web Design

While we may not be foremost known for web design, our in-house team creates stunning websites, just like this one! Are you need of a new site? Let's talk about!

Portrait & Commercial Photography

Believe or not, we started as photographers, shooting the athletes, artists and performers in the Marching Arts. When we're not working, we're often found with our cameras out-and-about in the 419 taking pictures