Streaming Media


Don't Let Anything Stop You!

The mission God gave you is too important to be sidelined by something smaller than Him! We’re not saying anything you don’t already know. But COVID19 has done a number on the church! 

It’s stopped many ministries dead in their tracks, and caused some to close their doors. You might know a few churches that fell victim. Perhaps you’ve been sidelined too.

We can help change all that, and it might not cost as much as you think. Why not find out? Let’s see how you too can go into all the world with live streaming!

Your path forward to streaming media

We Questions + Listen

We think it's important to listen to your WHY (you're doing what you're doing) and who (and far-and-wide) you want to go into all the world to reach your neighbors.

Needs Assessment

One size doesn't fit all. Your situation is unique. We'll talk with you to determine what your needs are.

Design Solutions

Once the listening is done, it's time to design solutions and present options. Multiple are options are best if possible.

Raise Funds

Some organizations have the budget to get started, but some don't. We can help you look for ways to raise money from within your church.

Install Equipment

The next step is to purchase and install the equipment. We have learned this takes patience and sometimes purchasing a few extra things that were not initially considered.

Testing to Live Broadcast

Testing to go live can take a few weeks. This is the time when we will also train your staff and volunteers how to use the equipment and software needed to live stream. Once you're live, you can go into all the world.

Let's CHAT ABOUT YOUR Project!