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First Presbyterian Church – Upgrading for a BIGGER Impact to Bowling Green


Started October 2020

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First Presbyterian Church Bowling Green wanted to solve some problems: how to reach their current congregation amid COVID19 while also expanding their reach to Bowling Green State University. They’re on a mission to be the church of inclusivity!

A referral partner who also happens to serve at First Presbyterian Church contact us.  She and her pastor asked if we would audit their abilities and make a recommendation for improvements.

One conversation led to another, which in time led to two contracts: upgrading First Presbyterian’s streaming media, and the second to redesign their website (which will include a 1 minute promotional video).

The streaming media project was the first ever Reframe Creative. Until their ask, we had not seriously entertained this avenue of service. Others in our region were far more knowledgeable and have long-standing history. However, due our relationship with the staff, First Presbyterian deemed our relationship more important than experience, while also believing that we could help them.

The Streaming Media project was completed by mid-November 2020. We proposed major upgrades for camera, software, and hardware platforms, as well as increasing their broadband capabilities. After weeks of installation and testing, we trained their staff and volunteer teams to stream church services on Sunday mornings. The congregation is pleased with the upgrades—a win-win in our book.

At the time of this case study (November 17), the website project is just getting underway with conversations. Once the project is complete, we will post “before and after” pictures of the redesign. Stay tuned and come back in a few months for updates!

into all the world
Running the Camera

Who said you can't have fun in church? First Presbyterian has a shaggy boy who comes to worship most Sundays (and he's very well behaved I might say. Not a single woof.) Enjoy a few pictures of a typical Sunday worship in one of Bowling Green's most iconic of congregations.

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